IMG_1376 Brenda MacDonald Rowe:

“I’ve come to love the gym and especially Bianca. She tailors my work out to my needs yet challenges me too. I tried the 12 week pkg first and just signed up for a year. I am the type of person who needs accountability so if I have an appointment I will show up.”



Deborah M.:

“I am a 65 year old woman who was never much interested in exercise. After deciding I needed help to improve my daily activities I found Bianca. While I work hard at my sessions, to my surprise I rather enjoy them. Over months I have improved my strengths and balance and more importantly my self-confidence. Bianca is friendly, encouraging, tailors exercises to my needs and shares in my small victories.”



“Bianca of Inspire Fitness Studio provides a warm, welcoming and safe environment in which you can achieve your personal goals. Bianca’s gentle humour and positive encouragement allows you to meet each challenge successfully.”