Why Strength Training?

From a training perspective, strength training has no equal in its ability to radically improve fitness. Whether your goal is to drop body fat, gain muscle, increase your athletic performance, improve mobility and flexibility, or simply improve your overall fitness, strength training is the key to success.

Strength Training boosts your metabolism, builds muscle mass, and produces an after-burn effect that can have you burning calories for up to 38 hours post workout.

In addition to making you stronger, leaner and more muscular, strength training also has a multitude of benefits including increased energy levels, improved flexibility, improved mood, and better sleep. It also decreases your likelihood of heart disease, diabetes, obesity, depression and anxiety.

Inspire Fitness Studio offers both one-on-one coaching as well as group strength training classes (up to 2 people). All our programs include fitness assessments, targeted workouts, and progress monitoring.